Albion PC Care Complaints

Albion PC Care complaints’ blog is an innovative approach to reach out to our customers who want to resolve their complaints related to our software products and technical services.

Albion PC Care is North Carolina, US based IT company that provides wide range of computer software and offers technical support for computer, browser, antivirus, emails, printer and other peripheral devices and cloud backup services.

Albion PC Care takes utmost care of its customers’ technical support needs. We try to reach out to them on regular basis and inquire whether they are facing any problems with our software or need any technical service under the tech support contract. Though we try our level best to provide after sales service for our software and technical support services’ plans, it is due to miscommunication or misinterpretation on the part of our customers that they feel unsupported for their needs.

We request our customers to contact us on the following numbers or write to us on the email IDs given below. We will ensure that your technical issues get resolved immediately or your payment is refunded as per our refund policy.


Call Us:

United States: 1-855-731-4928

Canada:  1-855-497-5482

United Kingdom: 800-635-1265

Email Us:

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